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ST UPC Single Mode Attenuator

Optical attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the signal power of a fiber network link. This metal-ion doped fiber attenuator allows for higher performance than fiber splice or fiber offsets, which function by misdirecting rather than absorbing the light signal. Arkoptics manufacture all...

Optical attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the signal power of a fiber network link. This metal-ion doped fiber attenuator allows for higher performance than fiber splice or fiber offsets, which function by misdirecting rather than absorbing the light signal.

Arkoptics manufacture all types of fiber optic attenuator available with different connector types including SC,LC,FC,ST and MU, with attenuation range from 0dB to 30dB in 1dB increments.These fixed attenuator are plug in type,we also call them male to female attenuator,it allows to be used directly on the end of a patchcord, which in turn can insert directly into an adaptor.

ST attenuator is capable of performing in the 1310&1550, C and L Bands,can meet with 1260nm to 1620nm full range bandwidth application.Also our ST singlemode optical attenuator can withstand over 1W of high power light exposure for extended periods of time, making them well-suited to EDFA and other high-power applications.Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) and a stable and independent wavelength distribution makes them ideal for DWDM,EDFA,DWDM OADM and CATV network link.

Arkoptics manufacture ST singlemode and multimode fixed attenuators, we have inventory attenuators range from 1dB to 30dB so as to catch up the fastest lead time for the network operators worldwide.




• CorActive attenuating fiber, metal-ion doped method
• 0dB to 30dB attenuation value 
• Max 1W optical input power
• Both ST singlemode and ST multimode attenuator available 
• Low PDL & insertion loss 
• Attenuation accuracy: 0-4dB +/-0.5, 5-30dB +/-10%

Technical Specification



Operating bandwidth(nm)


Operating wavelength(nm)

SM 1310nm and 1550nm or MM 850nm

Available range of attenuation

0dB to 30dB with 1dB increments

Attenuators(0dB –  4dB)


Attenuators(5dB –  30dB)

+/-10% attenuation


50dB / 60dB

Polarization Dependent Loss


Max Optical Input Power



ST attenuator : IEC1754-2


Telcordia GR-910-CORE

Operating temperature

-40 /℃ to +75/℃

Storage temperature

-40 /℃ to +85/℃

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