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Can the network cable be universal?
Nov 30, 2018

In the 100M network, the Cat5 Category 5 100M network cable uses only 4 cores in the process of transmitting network signals. In the Gigabit network, the Cat6 Category 6 network cable uses 8 cores in the transmission network signal. The four cores of the Cat5 Category 5 network cable can not transmit and receive at the same time as the Gigabit network transmission, that is, the four cores can only realize the Gigabit network to receive data or send data. The two cannot be simultaneously performed, but the specifications of the network port are the same. Therefore, the Cat5 Category 5 100M cable and the Cat6 Category 6 Gigabit cable cannot be fully versatile.

The Cat5 Category 5 network cable has not been adopted any more. Today, the 100M network cable mainly refers to the Cat5e Super Category 5 network cable. The Cat5e Super Category 5 network cable is the same as the Cat6 Category 6 network cable. It is an 8-core twisted pair cable. Therefore, Cat6 Category 6 can be used. The network cable can be used for 100-megabit transmission. It can also be used for Gigabit transmission under certain conditions by Cat5e super five network cable. It can be used universally.

However, it is worth noting that the Gigabit cable crystal head and the 100M cable crystal head are not universal. Their copper cores are different in size, so the size of the internal holes is also different.

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