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Fiber optic adapter cleaning method
Nov 29, 2018

Although the fiber optic adapter is relatively small and belongs to the small part of the fiber optic cabling, it does not affect its importance in the fiber optic cabling system. Like other fiber optic equipment, it needs to be cleaned. There are two main cleaning methods, namely Dry and wet cleaning.

1. Dry cleaning: First, insert a dry cleaning rod into the fiber adapter, turn it clean and take it out, then align the cleaning rod into the sleeve, clean the connector inside the fiber adapter, and check if the end face of the connector has Pollution.

2. Wet cleaning: First, use the cleaning rod to draw the fiber cleaning solution, insert the wet cleaning rod into the adapter, and rotate the cleaning rod on the surface of the alignment sleeve, then take a dry cotton swab to clean the connection inside the fiber adapter. Then check the end face of the connector for contamination.

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