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Fiber optic connectors maintain high performance transmissions more persistently
May 08, 2018

The performance and availability of specially designed MTP connectors are improved over MPO connectors. This design feature of MTP is unique and patent protected. The main features are as follows:

1. Outer frame parts of MTP fiber connectors can be easily removed.

The MT ferrule design ensures no loss of performance during rework and regrind during production. Yin-Yang properties can be flexibly changed even after assembly, and interference detection can be performed after the ferrule is assembled.

2. The floating ferrule of MTP fiber connector can improve the transmission performance when the machine is docked. The two connectors can be allowed to maintain good physical contact with each other under the influence of external forces.

3. The elliptical guide pin (PIN) of the MTP fiber connector is made of stainless steel. The elliptical guide pin can improve the accuracy of the docking and reduce wear on the guide hole, making the MTP fiber connector maintain high-performance transmission more lasting.

4. There is a metal clip inside the MTP fiber connector to fix the push ring. Specific features:

Prevent needle loss;

Concentrate the pressure generated by the spring;

Preventing the spring from touching the rubbing fiber during mechanical stretching causes damage to the optical fiber;

5. The spring design of MTP fiber optic connectors maximizes band gaps in 12- and multi-ribbon ribbon applications to prevent fiber damage.

6, MTP fiber optic connector has at least four standard matching parts, can adapt to different types of fiber optic cable, more practical, including:

Loose structure of the round optical cable;

Elliptical outer ribbon cable;

Ribbon bare fiber;

Ultra-short-tailed connector parts are ideal for applications in tight spaces, reducing volume by 45%.

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