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Greatly improve product availability
May 08, 2018

An optical fiber distribution frame is a wiring connection device between an optical cable and an optical communication device or an optical communication device.

The optical fiber distribution frame (ODF) is used for the distribution and distribution of the central office optical fiber cable in the optical fiber communication system, which can facilitate the connection, distribution, and scheduling of optical fiber lines. With the increasing degree of network integration, a hybrid optical distribution panel with ODF, DDF, and power distribution units has emerged. It is suitable for small and medium-sized deployments of optical fiber to residential areas, optical fibers to buildings, remote modules, and wireless base stations. Line system.

1. Is the fiber distribution frame mounted on a wall or a 19" rack? Optical fiber distribution frames are usually mounted in a 19'' rack and may also be mounted directly to a wall for small installations.

2. Is there space for the remaining optical cable? A certain amount of fiber optic cable should be kept to prevent the fiber from being pulled inside the panel, to withstand excessive stress, and to prevent the fiber from being pulled out of the panel.

3. Is there a protective device? Fiber optic protection devices should be provided inside the fiber distribution frame.

4. Versatility Different couplers must be as versatile as possible on the distribution frame. For example, LC type fiber distribution frame can be suitable for duplex LC/Simple SC/MTRJ fiber adapters; ST type fiber distribution frame can be used for ST and FC type fiber adapters. Greatly improve the availability of products.

5. Is the structure flexible? This feature is still to improve product availability. Optical fiber distribution frame according to the structure, can be divided into three types, namely wall-mounted, rack and rack type. The wall-mounted type is generally a box structure and is applicable to offices where the number of optical fibers and the number of optical fiber cores are small. The cabinet type adopts a closed structure, the core capacity is relatively fixed, and the appearance is beautiful. Rack type is generally modular design, users can choose the corresponding module according to the number and size of fiber optic cable, and be flexibly assembled on the rack. It is a future-oriented structure, which can be used for future fiber distribution frames. Functional development provides convenient conditions. Optical fiber distribution frame should use aluminum frame as much as possible, its structure is more solid, the appearance is also beautiful. The external dimensions of the rack should be similar to those of the current transmission equipment standard racks to facilitate the arrangement of the equipment room. The surface treatment process and color should also be similar to other equipment in the equipment room to maintain the overall appearance of the room.

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