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How to choose an enterprise fiber network solution?
Nov 30, 2018

When multiple SME fiber-optic networking solutions meet the construction requirements, you can consider the appropriate SME fiber-optic networking solutions from the following aspects:

1. Network scalability

As the network bandwidth and the number of terminals increase, in order to facilitate the easy and smooth upgrade of small and medium-sized enterprise networks to high-speed networks in the future, small and medium-sized enterprise fiber networking solutions need to be scalable.

2. Network manageability

Because multiple network devices and host devices are connected to the LAN, and the operation status of the entire network is mastered, the management of the fiber networking solution is strong.

3. Technological advancement

The technology adopted by the small and medium-sized enterprise fiber-optic networking solution tries to choose a network technology with strong vitality and promisingness, which is not easy to be eliminated by the market.

In addition, factors such as technical support, after-sales service, and cost of the equipment in the fiber-optic networking solution need to be considered.

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