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Independent of signal rate and electrical modulation
May 08, 2018

A time division multiplexer is a device that utilizes TDM technology and is mainly used to combine multiple low-rate data streams into a single high-rate data stream. Data from a number of different sources is broken down into individual parts (bits or groups of bits), and these parts are transmitted in a prescribed order. Each incoming data stream thus becomes a "time segment" in the output data stream. The transmission sequence must be maintained so that the incoming data stream can be reassembled at the destination. In particular, it is worth noting that the same device can perform the reverse process through the same principle of TDM technology. That is, the high-rate data stream is decomposed into multiple low-rate data streams. This process is called demultiplexing. Therefore, it is common for both time division multiplexers and demultiplexers to exist in the same box.

WDM technology has many advantages. The bandwidth of an optical fiber can be utilized to increase the transmission capacity of an optical fiber by a factor of several to several tens of times over that of a single wavelength. Multi-wavelength multiplexing can be transmitted in a single-mode optical fiber, which can save a lot of optical fiber in large-capacity long-distance transmission. The installed cables have fewer cores. The use of wavelength division multiplexing does not require major changes to the original system to perform the expansion operation. Since the wavelengths of signals transmitted in the same optical fiber are independent from each other, signals with completely different characteristics can be transmitted. Completion and separation of various telecommunications service signals, including digital signals and analog signals, as well as the synthesis and separation of PDH signals and SDH signals; wavelength division multiplexed channels are transparent to the data format, ie independent of the signal rate and the electrical modulation method.

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