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Light weight, small size, high precision, good stability
May 08, 2018

The optical attenuator is a very important fiber optic passive device. It can attenuate the optical signal energy according to the user's requirements. It is often used to absorb or reflect the optical power margin, evaluate the loss of the system and various tests. . At present, serialized optical attenuators have been widely used in the field of optical communications, bringing convenience to users.

An optical device that inserts into the optical path to allow the optical signal power to attenuate as desired. Use it to adjust the power of the optical signal transmitted by the optical communication system or test system, so that the system can achieve a good working condition. It is also commonly used to detect the sensitivity and dynamic range of an optical receiver.

Optical attenuators can be divided into fixed attenuators, adjustable attenuators, continuously adjustable attenuators, and continuous and graded combined attenuators. Its main performance parameters are attenuation and accuracy.

The attenuator sheet is usually made by evaporation or sputtering of a metal film on a glass substrate or using a doped glass having a high absorption. The required amount of attenuation is obtained by controlling the thickness of the coating or controlling the amount of doping of the glass and its thickness. Attenuators can also be made using the coupling losses at the two-stage fiber optic mating.

Optical attenuators require light weight, small size, high precision, good stability, and ease of use. It can be divided into fixed, variable grade, continuous adjustable several.

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