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Patch panel is used to manage equipment
May 08, 2018

The positioning of the distribution frame is a modular device that manages front-end information points at the central office. The front-end information point cable (Category 5 or Category 6) enters the distribution frame after entering the equipment, and the cable is placed on the module of the distribution frame. Then, the jumper (RJ45 interface) is used to connect the distribution frame and the switch. . In general, the patch panel is used to manage the equipment. For example, if there is no patch panel, the information point on the front end is directly connected to the switch. If there is a problem with the cable, it will face rewiring. In addition, the management is also confusing. Multiple plugging and unplugging may cause switch port damage. The existence of the patch panel solves this problem, and better management can be achieved by replacing the jumper.

Usage and usage are mainly based on the number of network points or the number of network points on the floor (and similar floors, depending on how the system diagram was designed). Different buildings, different system designs, and distribution frames between the main equipment will be different. For example, if a building has only four floors, the main equipment room is set on the first floor, and the network points of all floors enter the equipment room. The number of distribution frames is equal to the number of network point/distribution ports of the building (24). (Ports, 48 ports, etc.), plus a certain margin; if a building has 9 floors and the main equipment is located on the 4th floor, then in order to avoid long cables, it is possible to have a separate equipment room on each floor. , And there are exchange devices. Then, the patch panel between the main equipment is equal to the number of network points on 4 layers/number of patch panel ports (24 ports, 48 ports, etc.)。

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