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You have to know the fiber adapter knowledge
Nov 30, 2018

Due to the wide variety of fiber optic adapters and the similar appearance of fiber optic adapters from different vendors, you may not know how to choose. In general, you should consider the following two points when choosing a fiber optic adapter.

Type of cable to be connected

If the fiber adapter needs to be connected to the same cable type and connector, a fiber optic adapter with a square, rectangular or circular interface can be used. If you need to connect different types of cables, you will need a hybrid fiber optic adapter that can connect any two types of fiber patch cords together. Due to the wide variety of hybrid fiber optic adapters, it is important to clearly define what type of cable to connect before purchasing.

The fiber adapter is aligned with the material of the sleeve

Alignment bushings are the most important component in fiber optic adapters. Some manufacturers choose metal as the material for the alignment bushings, but ceramic-made fiber optic adapters have proven to work much better than using metal as the alignment bushing. The fiber optic adapter, because the ceramic crystal structure is very hard and does not deform over time like metal, so it can achieve fast alignment and high-precision fiber end-face connection.

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