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Backplane Connector With Self-retaining Mechanism
May 08, 2018

The main purpose of fiber optic connectors is to achieve fiber optic connections. Optical fiber connectors, which are widely used in optical fiber communication systems, have a variety of types and structures. But after careful study, the basic structure of all types of fiber optic connectors is the same, that is, most of the fiber optic connectors generally use high-precision components (composed of two pins and a coupling tube in three parts). Alignment of optical fibers.

This method is to insert and fix the fiber in the pin and polish the surface of the pin to achieve alignment in the coupling tube. The outer components of the pins are made of metal or non-metal materials. The mating end of the pin must be ground and the other end is usually bent to limit the member to support the fiber or fiber optic cable to release the stress. Coupling tubes are generally made of two semi-synthetic and fastened cylindrical members made of ceramic, bronze, or other materials. They are usually equipped with metal or plastic flanges to facilitate the installation and fixing of the connectors. In order to align the optical fiber as accurately as possible, the machining accuracy of the pin and the coupling tube is demanding.

The connector is the world's smallest single-fiber connector developed by NTT based on the most used SC type connector. The connector uses a 1.25mm diameter sleeve and self-retaining mechanism, which has the advantage of enabling high-density mounting. With MU's 1.25mm diameter bushings, NTT has developed MU connector series. They have socket type connectors (MU-A series) for optical cable connection; backplane connectors (MU-B series) with self-retaining mechanism and simplified sockets (MU-SR series) for connecting LD/PD modules and plugs Wait. With the rapid development of larger bandwidth and larger capacity of optical fiber networks and the wide application of DWDM technology, the demand for MU-type connectors will also increase rapidly.