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Classification Of Fiber Patch Panel
Jan 16, 2019

1. Fixed Fiber Patch Panel

The fixed fiber distribution box is installed in a standard cabinet/rack for the connection, fixing and protection of the fiber. The fiber distribution box design combines the convenience of installation and maintenance, and provides good protection for the optical fiber. The specially designed structure and routing are that the optical cable and the pigtail are well fixed and protected, and the optical fiber system is maintained. Excellent performance in life. The distribution box supports high-density fiber-optic wiring, adopts modular panel design, and selects corresponding panels according to different adapters, and has flexible configuration.

2, drawer type Fiber Patch Panel

The left and right sides of the drawer type optical fiber distribution box can be cabled for convenient operation, and the drawer type optical fiber distribution box includes a fusion wiring integrated disk. The welded wiring integrated disk has double-layer full front operation, providing fiber and pigtail storage space, protecting fiber, pigtail and welding points, complete bending radius protection, drawer structure, space saving, convenient operation, special structure The door buckle is easy to open and close. The slide rail structure of the limit position and positioning device can be easily taken out and fixed.

3, high-density MPO Fiber Patch Panel

As data centers continue to move toward high-speed and high-density, the management of fiber-optic cabling systems is becoming more and more difficult. Traditional fiber-optic patch cord routing methods are far from meeting the requirements of high-density cabling systems. Data centers urgently need one. A high-density cabling solution that is easy to manage and maintain. The fiber-optic distribution box is compact and can provide dozens or even hundreds of interfaces, which can meet the needs of the data center. The high-density MPO fiber distribution box is housed in a 19-inch standard cabinet that provides cross-connect capability for the entire data center unit. The modular design allows the connection status to be instantly visible while providing complete protection.

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