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Expand DWDM Over CWDM By Multiplexing DWDM With CWDM Internally
Oct 11, 2018

DWDM over CWDM by multiplexing DWDM with CWDM is a way of expanding the wavelength channel capacity on current fiber links.


Standard CWDM wavelength is with +/-6.5nm passband spaced at 20nm increment.

Common 8ch CWDM network is from 1470nm to 1610nm.


Arkoptics’s DWDM over CWDM expansion solution enable to increase current exiting CWDM network capacity. For example, we can integrate additional 13ch DWDM wavelengths into 1550+/-6.5nm of the 8ch CWDM 1470-1610nm network.These 13ch DWDM wavelengths are from CH27 (1555.75 nm) to CH39 (1546.12 nm).


13ch DWDM wavelengths are multiplexing with 8ch CWDM,common ports like 1470nm,1490nm,1510nm,1530nm,1570nm,1590nm,1610nm will be working normally as themselves,1550nm will be integrate with 13ch DWDM wavelengths so as to support more wavelength and add more fiber capacity.


This is a internal multiplexing which makes DWDM over CWDM come true in same one 19” chassis rackmount.One space ,one chassis in rack can reach the CWDM network expansion to additional DWDM network internally.


Moreover,we can still put 1310 wideband and monitor port into the DWDM over CWDM solutions.


1310nm wideband on CWDM DWDM network is also for expansion purpose or sometimes as a return path.Arkoptics use 1310nm filter with +/-50nm which can transmit 1260nm to 1360nm signals and reflect 1460nm to 1620nm signals.


Monitor port will be used as network line monitoring or network power monitoring.With this monitor port,network operator can check if any signal fail or change without affecting current network traffic.This is a great favor for easy trouble shooting.