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Greatly Improves Its Electrical Conductivity And Connection Performance
May 08, 2018

An optical fiber cable is a communications cable that consists of two or more glass or plastic fiber cores that are located in a protective coating and are covered by a plastic PVC outer sleeve. Signal transmission along internal fibers generally uses infrared light.

1. Historical practice proves;

Aluminum alloy cable has been developed and used in the United States since 1968. It has been used for 43 years. The use of this product has become quite common. The market share of North American countries has reached 80%. After 43 years of practice, it has been proved that the use of aluminum alloy cables has never failed and is safe.

2, testing and certification;

Aluminum alloy cables passed UL from the United States, CUL from Canada, SAIGLOBAI from Australia, and China's national cable and wire testing center, State Grid Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other authoritative organizations. The alloy conductor meets the requirements of the CSA Standard C22.2 Article 38 regarding the ACM alloy wire, and the performance requirements of the latest versions of GB12706.1--2008 and IEC60502.1, and the UL-related standards of the AA8000 Series.

3, the role of aluminum alloy components;

◆Aluminum alloy conductor Adding rare earth and iron and other components greatly improves its conductivity and connection performance. Especially when the conductor is annealed, the addition of iron produces a high-strength creep resistance. When the current is overloaded, the iron continues to function. The role of the connection, so that the aluminum alloy conductor will not creep.

◆ Creep greatly damages the cable. If the cable is creeping, the original pressure of the contact point is not tight enough, and the contact resistance is rapidly increased due to the pressure reduction. After the current flows, the connector is overheated. If the cable is not repaired regularly, it will appear safe. Hidden danger. It is very important to solve the problem of cable creep.

Creep: Under the influence of temperature, external force and self-weight, the metal will slowly produce permanent deformation that cannot be restored over time. This phenomenon is creep.

4, flame retardant

The insulation material of aluminum alloy cable uses flame retardant silane cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). The process adopts self-locking armored structure. The heat dissipation performance is far better than that of PVC material. It can dissipate heat quickly and the flame can quickly extinguish after the flame disappears. , will not delay other materials, excellent flame retardant. Aluminum alloy cables use new materials and new processes to ensure their safer use.