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Insufficient CWDM Products
Dec 15, 2018

The biggest problem with CWDM technology is that its cost advantage over DWDM equipment is still not obvious enough. Optical transceiver modules and optical components are key to reducing costs. However, due to the small size of the market, the supplier's shipment volume is not large, so the cost advantage of the device is not obvious. Another way to reduce costs is to simplify device functionality, which results in reduced system reliability and manageability. DWDM products with decreasing prices also put a lot of pressure on CWDM technology, and DWDM technology can form a complete metropolitan DWDM network, so the scalability is good, and the pressure on CWDM is relatively large. The number of optical channels (wavelengths) supported by current CWDM devices does not exceed eight, mainly because the manufacturing process of E-band optical transceiver modules is not mature. In addition, the G.652C optical cable that eliminates the water absorption peak is less used in the existing network. Therefore, the market demand for E-band optical transceiver modules is not large. There are still many technical problems with CWDM systems with higher speeds and longer transmission distances. Such as the dispersion problem of 10G system, ultra-wideband optical amplification technology. In addition, the standardization process needs to be accelerated, especially for the service interface functions that require operator guidance.