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Low Power Consumption, Easy Maintenance And Easy Power Supply
May 08, 2018

The most important advantage of CWDM is its low equipment cost. Specific circumstances have been introduced before. In addition, another advantage of CWDM is that it can reduce the operating costs of the network. Since the CWDM device is small in size, low in power consumption, simple in maintenance, and convenient in power supply, 220V AC power can be used. Due to the small number of wavelengths, the board has a small amount of backup. There are no special requirements for optical fibers using 8-wave CWDM devices. G.652, G.653, and G.655 optical fibers can be used, and existing optical cables can be used. CWDM systems can significantly increase the transmission capacity of optical fibers and increase the utilization of optical fiber resources. The construction of metropolitan area networks is facing a certain degree of fiber optic resources or the expensive price of leased fiber. A typical coarse wavelength division multiplexing system can provide 8 optical channels and up to 18 optical channels according to the ITU-T G.694.2 specification. Another advantage of CWDM is its small size and low power consumption. CWDM system lasers do not require semiconductor chillers and temperature control functions, so they can significantly reduce power consumption. For example, DWDM systems consume about 4W of power per laser, while CWDM lasers without cooler consume only 0.5W of power. The simplified laser module in the CWDM system reduces the size of the optical transceiver module. The simplification of the device structure also reduces the size of the device and saves room space. Compared with the traditional TDM method, CWDM has the speed and protocol transparency, which makes it more suitable for the development of high-speed data services in metropolitan area networks. In the MAN, there are many different protocols and services with different speeds. CWDM provides transparent transmission channels with different rates, such as Ethernet, ATM, POS, and SDH, on a single optical fiber. The CWDM is transparent. Sex and add/drop multiplexing allows the user to directly drop a certain wavelength without converting the format of the original signal. In other words, the optical layer provides a transport structure that is independent of the business layer. CWDM has good flexibility and scalability. For metropolitan area business, the flexibility of service provision, especially the speed of service provision and the ability to expand as the business develops, is very important. The use of CWDM technology can open the service for users in one day or several hours, and can increase the capacity by inserting a new OTU board as the amount of traffic increases. Improve business quality. The application of CWDM systems in metropolitan area networks can make optical layer recovery possible. Recovery of the optical layer is much more economical than recovery of the electrical layer. Considering that the recovery of the optical layer is independent of the service and rate, some systems that have no protection function in their own systems can use CWDM for protection. Due to the above advantages of CWDM technology, CWDM is gaining more and more applications in telecommunication, radio and television, enterprise networks, and campus networks.