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Low Price, Stable Performance, Easy To Use
May 08, 2018

At present, the market for optical attenuators is increasing. In passive devices, its output is second only to connectors and couplers. Because the fixed optical attenuator has the advantages of low cost, stable performance and easy use, the market is larger than the variable optical attenuator. Optical variable attenuators, due to their flexibility, have steadily increased their market demand. The attenuator is one of the indispensable important passive devices in the optical communication system and has a wide application prospect. In recent years, some large foreign optical device companies are still developing various new high-performance optical attenuator products in order to obtain optical attenuators with higher performance, smaller size, and more favorable price.

Adjustable optical attenuators are commonly used in optical measurements. When measuring the sensitivity of an optical receiver, it is usually placed at the input of the optical receiver to adjust the received optical power. When using an optical attenuator, keep the environment clean and dry, and cover the protective cap when not in use. Take care when moving, and collision is strictly prohibited.

The overall structure and working principle of the continuously variable optical attenuator is similar to that of the two-wheel stepped variable optical attenuator (as shown in FIG. 2). However, it is composed of a step attenuator and a continuously changing attenuator. The attenuation of the step attenuator is 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 dB, and the attenuation is continuously changed. 0 ~ 15dB, therefore, the total attenuation adjustment range: 0 ~ 65dB. In this way, the effect of continuously attenuating the light energy can be achieved by the combined action of the coarse file of the step attenuator and the fine file of the variable attenuator.