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Multiplexed Wavelength Stability, Insertion Loss, And Other Performance
May 08, 2018

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, referred to as DWDM. It is an important passive optical fiber device in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems. It is one of the basic components of the system, which is composed of dense wavelength division multiplexers. It directly determines the performance parameters such as system capacity, multiplexing wavelength stability, and insertion loss. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexers can also be derived from a variety of other important functional devices suitable for DWDM, such as wavelength routers—all-optical communication networks for point-to-point services for broadband services and wavelength addressing; add/drop devices— For the specified wavelength of the up/down channel; comb filter - for the generation of multi-wavelength light sources and measurement of the spectrum; wavelength selective switching - the routing of signals of different wavelengths, etc., so for dense wavelength division multiplexers Research and production have important theoretical significance and good market prospects.

In actual operation, in order to make reasonable use of the broadband resources generated in the 1.55pm low-loss region of a single-mode fiber, it is necessary to divide the low-loss region of the fiber into multiple optical channels according to different frequencies and wavelengths. The optical channel establishes the carrier wave, which is what we call light wave, and at the same time uses a demultiplexer to combine signals of different specified wavelengths at the sending end, collectively transferring these combined signals into an optical fiber to perform signal transmission. When transmitted to the receiving end, these wavelengths are combined together using an optical demultiplexer. The splitting of the signals of different light waves into the initial state enables the function of transmitting a plurality of different signals in one optical fiber.