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Optical And Mechanical Properties
May 08, 2018

MPO is the abbreviation for "multi-fiber pull off". The core of this connector has more than one core and is mechanically snapped into place.

Nowadays, various manufacturers on the market have a variety of MPO designs. Different types of connected products have very different performance and costs. The characteristics of some products make their performance more prominent. Some MPO connectors can match with many different brands of products, but some can't, and this interoperability depends on how close the connector design is to a standard product. For a full definition of the MPO connector please refer to Implementing IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5 (aka FOCIS 5).

The MTP connector is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. The MTP optical connector has been enhanced in both optical and mechanical properties relative to the conventional MPO connector. MTP connectors are fully compliant with the professional standards of all MPO connectors, including EIA/TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7.

The MPO connector is an industry-standard, intermateable MTP connector, which means that replacing the MPO connector with an MTP connector to achieve better performance is feasible. Most of the MPO connectors that follow the old design have very limited performance and cannot provide the same high performance as MTP fiber connectors.