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Precautions For Fusion Work
Nov 22, 2018

This is a method of aligning the outer diameter and aligning the core by arranging the optical fiber with a high-precision V-groove and utilizing the effect of the surface tension generated by melting the optical fiber. Recently, due to the development of manufacturing technology, the dimensional accuracy of the position of the optical fiber core and the like is improved, so that low-loss wiring can be realized. This method is mainly used for multi-core one-time wiring.

1 Insert the fiber protection sleeve

A fiber optic protection sleeve is used to protect the fiber exposed at the junction. Do not forget to insert because the protective sleeve cannot be inserted.

2 remove the core coating layer

Because the glass portion of the fiber is to be exposed, the coating layer is removed using a stripping pliers.

(Note) Since the coating layer waste remains on the stripping pliers after removing the coating layer, remove the coating layer waste and clean the blade.

(Note) When removing the coating layer of the ribbon core, a heated stripper is used. In order to carry out the removal work steadily, the coating layer is heated for about 5 seconds, and then the coating layer is removed.

3 cleaning fiber

After the coating is removed, the glass portion is cleaned with ethanol.

(Note) If residual coating waste is left, shaft misalignment may occur during fusion and wiring loss may increase, so clean it carefully.

(Note) In the case of multi-core optical fibers, the front ends of the optical fibers may stick together due to alcohol, which may cause cutting defects when cutting the optical fibers. Therefore, use your fingers to bounce the front end of the optical fibers.

4 cut off the fiber

Cut according to the operation steps of cutting the fiber.

(Note) The cut will determine the loss characteristics at the time of fusion. In order to reduce the cutting failure, please pay attention to clean the fiber holding part of the fiber cutter and the cutting edge.

(Note) Be careful not to bump or touch the front end of the fiber after cutting. Failure to do so may result in poor wiring.

(Note) Please be careful not to let the fiber waste sprinkle everywhere.

5 fusion

Perform the fusion operation according to the operation steps of the fusion machine.

(Note) If there is garbage in the V-groove and the jig of the fusion splicer, the loss due to the shaft misalignment may occur, so clean it thoroughly.

(Note) If the two-way observation check function before wiring is provided, the abnormality of the cutting state can be detected before wiring.

(Note) When the fiber is bent, gently straighten it with your fingers to bend the fiber downward.

6 fusion joint reinforcement

A fiber protection sleeve is placed on the fiber fusion portion, and the core wire is reinforced on the heating machine.

(Note) When moving the core wire, be careful not to bend or twist the fiber. Otherwise, the cable will be broken and broken.

(Note) When setting the fiber protection sleeve, make the center of the fiber protection sleeve and the center of the wiring unit basically the same.

(Note) When reinforcing the core wire, be sure to avoid bending the glass part.