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Prospects For Network Technology Development In 2019
Jan 07, 2019

Trend 1: Multiplying fiber volume

The ever-increasing demand for capacity is driving the popularity of fiber in most network infrastructures. Compared to other alternative architectures, mobile service providers, enterprises, and data centers can benefit from longer fiber distances, higher bandwidth, and less loss while achieving greater convergence. To increase the data capacity of the core, metro and access networks, we will continue to see larger parallel fiber migrations, including ribbon fiber and MPO fiber patch cord connections.

As this practice in the backbone moves toward the edge of the network, network installations and technicians will face new challenges such as increased installation complexity and the need to spend more time testing and diagnosing multi-fiber networks.

Trend 2: Network Virtualization

While continuing to face the pressure of cost reduction, it is also necessary to ensure that the required applications and services are always running online and that devices and nodes remain connected. As a result, the speed of the development of large-scale scalable hybrid cloud networks is unprecedented. As virtualization technology becomes a foundation, policy-based automation and programmability will become increasingly important to provide the intelligence, low latency, and high bandwidth needed to deliver these ubiquitous services.