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Reducing Volume And Weight
May 08, 2018

Devices that are used for end-user lines or trunks and that can be provisioned for them. The distribution frame is the most important component in the management subsystem, and it is the hub that connects the two subsystems of vertical and horizontal wiring. Patch panels are usually installed in cabinets or walls. Through the installation of accessories, the distribution frame can meet the needs of UTP, STP, coaxial cable, optical fiber, audio and video. In the network engineering commonly used patch panels are twisted pair patch panels and optical fiber patch panels. According to the use of different places, uses, divided into the main distribution frame and the middle distribution frame two categories.

Main Distribution Frame Referred to as MDF, it is used to connect subscriber lines, trunk lines, and dedicated lines to the corresponding interface points of telephone exchanges for testing, wiring, and protection of in-office equipment.

The structure of MDF is divided into two sides: in-line and horizontal. In-line can be installed in a security arrangement, horizontal row in a test row or wiring. You can also install test lines or terminal blocks for in-line trunks or leased lines that do not require protection. The same type of main distribution frame can be spliced to meet the expansion needs. The main distribution frame of the subscriber exchange, due to its small capacity, is mostly box type. Early master distribution frames were bulky, with a maximum capacity of 303 loops per column. Security guards use 20- or 21-wire carbon arresters and use hot coils to limit the current. Test line is 20 lines, using four-wire shrapnel type, separated by shrapnel can separate the lead and lead line. The new main distribution frame is equipped with program-controlled switches to reduce the size and weight, and each line can accommodate 1 000 lines. Each 100 loops are arranged with metal discharge tubes to prevent high pressure and overcurrent. Each row of 128 test lines can be separated from the contact reeds for convenient separation of the line for testing. The wires connected to the terminals have their own separate wireways, which are easy to install and maintain. Ensure that the wiring is connected by the card connection method, and the insulating layer of the wire does not need to be stripped when the card is connected. The test row was wired by wire winding. Both of these wiring methods are simple, reliable, rapid, and non-polluting. According to different occasions, the new patch panels are wall-mounted, floor-standing, single-sided, and double-sided.

The main features of the main distribution frame are: 1 security. Protect the user line from high voltage or high current; 2 Wiring. For any user, the number in the office can be selected. Trunks between different offices can select the relay modules in the office and connect the interoffices and related subscriber lines according to the needs of the dedicated line.

Intermediate Distribution Frame Abbreviated IDF is a patch panel that connects the access lines between the interior of telephone exchanges. According to their location can be divided into the main distribution frame and exchange equipment, the middle distribution frame and the machine between the two types of distribution frames.

The structure of the IDF is also divided into in-line and horizontal sides, in-line connection equipment outlet, and horizontal connection equipment access. Both in-line and row-arrangement terminal blocks. One side of the improved wiring board is winding. The other side is a bond wire. The function of IDF is mainly to allocate access lines between switching devices at all levels in order to give full play to the role of switching equipment at all levels.