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The Development Direction Of CWDM
Dec 14, 2018

One of the key factors that restrict the development of CWDM products is the price of optical transceiver modules and multiplexed demultiplexing devices. With the development of the market and the advancement of manufacturing processes, further reduction of equipment costs is an important development direction. Develop E-band optical device technology to make it mature as soon as possible. Develop 10G rate optical channel technology to improve the capacity and scalability of CWDM systems. Supporting various business interfaces is the direction of CWDM development. The demand for the multi-service interface of the metropolitan area network access layer is the driving force for further development of multi-service interfaces by various vendors. The CWDM equipment will provide various service interfaces such as FE, GE, SDH, ESCON, and FC. Another development direction is the ability to combine MSTP or high-performance routing switching equipment as a means of extending line-side capacity for MSTP devices or high-speed routers. Providing multiple levels of optical layer and business layer protection is also a development direction to meet the needs of different customers. The network management technology and equipment security and reliability are further improved to improve the competitiveness in the market. For the newly launched G.652C fiber, since the price of G.652C fiber optic cable is twice that of G.652B, and the E-band CWDM optical transceiver module technology is not mature, the full-band CWDM is applied in the short term (1-2 years). The possibility of equipment is not large. The use of G.652C fiber optic cable has the problem of large investment and no benefit in the short term. Therefore, the application of G.652C fiber in the metropolitan area user optical cable network is limited.