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Type Of Fiber Attenuator
Jan 07, 2019

Depending on the form, fiber attenuators can be divided into variable fiber attenuators.

1.Fixed fiber attenuator

Fixed fiber attenuators are adapter-style tools that are ideal for attenuating single-mode fiber connectors in a variety of applications. It has two major categories, line and plug. The line type looks like a normal fiber patch cord; it is connected by a fiber optic cable to two connectors of the specified type. The plug-type attenuator looks like a large-head fiber optic connector with a male connector and a female connector, just like a normal connector of the same type.

2. Variable fiber attenuator

Generally used for testing and measurement, it plays a role in balancing the optical power between different channels. The variable fiber attenuator is fabricated from an attenuating fiber doped with metal ions to adjust the optical power to the desired level. If most of the external material has a refractive index greater than its mode effective refractive index, this mode can add some of the radiated optical power. If the attenuation index of the external material can be adjusted to a controllable level, such as thermo-optic, electro-optic or acousto-optic, devices with controlled attenuation are achievable.